From Building Buddhism to Building Hinduism…..


Here at the Centre for Religion and Public Life, Emma and I have been busy writing up our research about Buddhist buildings in England into a final report and some academic journal articles.  Once the report is finalised, our aim is to put a link to it on this blog so that our findings can be widely accessible (we will let you know about the journal articles too!).  We have thoroughly enjoyed this piece of research and felt well and truly welcomed by all of the Buddhist communities which we came into contact with.  It has been a privilege to delve into the fascinating histories of such a range of different communities, and get a glimpse of the ways in which the built environment shapes and is shaped by Buddhist communities. We think there is much more to find out, and many more groups to visit and we hope that this is not the end of Building Buddhism!


Whilst we investigate the possibility of future research into Buddhism in the UK, we have started an exciting new research adventure with Historic England into Hindu, Jain, Zoroastrian and Bahá’í buildings in England.  We have started another blog – Building Hinduism – which we really hope you will have a look at. We will be adding blog posts, including our reflections and some amazing photographs that we have collected on our travels – do follow us!

Thanks for reading – we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

Emma and Caroline







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